16 Swimwear Trends to Sizzle Your Summer

16 Swimwear Trends to Sizzle Your Summer

16 Swimwear Trends to Sizzle Your Summer

Warmer weather means it’s time for swimwear. Whether you prefer to spend your summer free time in a lounge chair on the beach or splashing around in a pool, you’ll want to choose swimwear that makes you feel terrific.

Here are 16 trends in swimwear that are currently hot.

Feminine Details

Girly girls will be thrilled to know that feminine swimwear is very much on trend. Look for swimsuits with cute details like a small bow at the waist or large ruffles across the front.

High Cut Legs

Show off your gorgeous thighs with this summer’s most popular swimwear cut. You’ll see many swimsuit bottoms this season with high cuts on the sides, revealing a lot of leg.


Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays has never been so beautiful. Rashguards are a great alternative to showing skin, especially when you are worried about sun damage. Pair a rashguard in an eye-catching pattern with a pair of bikini bottoms or swim shorts.

Cactus Prints

The cactus is a current trend in fabric prints, and it is lots of fun for swimwear. You’ll be able to find cactus patterns in all kinds of swimwear from bikinis to full-coverage tanks.

Ethically Produced

No matter what style of swimwear you prefer, you’ll be able to find it in a fabric that is great for the environment and makes use of sustainable plant products. Hopping for ethically produced swimwear shows that you are focused on more than just your looks.

Rusty Reds

Rust is a highly trending color when it comes to summer clothing of all types. Wear this trend by choosing swimwear in a rusty red or terra cotta hue.


Elevating your swimwear style is as simple as adding a pretty belt or choosing a suit that comes with a belt attached. This is a choice that will define your waist and make your swimsuit more fashion forward.


Laces are the perfect way to add drama to your swimwear. Laces can go up the front of your swimsuit or the back, and they can be as loose or tight as you like them to be. Some laces dip low to show extra skin, while others are a great detail at the neckline or the leg openings.


Get noticed at the pool with bold stripes on your swimsuit. Swimwear stripes can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. They can help emphasize the shape or your body as well as help you appear taller.

Glitter and Shimmer

Shine is the star of the show when it comes to glamorous swimwear. If you are laying out on the beach, try a swimsuit with some sparkle. Choose a plain suit with shimmery fabric, or wear a style with a panel of sequins or glitter that will shine in the sun.

Metal Hardware

You’ll find a variety of metal details in swimwear this season. These may be in the form of metal rings on the hips or neckline, metal bikini clasps, or metal rivets down the straps or the side of the suit. These enhancements can be made from any form of metal, copper, and muted silver being the most popular.

Matching Bikini and Cover-up

When you buy a bikini this swim season, pick a cover-up that matches it exactly. Slip it on for trips to the boardwalk or the pool snack shop. The overall appearance should be one that looks put together from head to toe.

Western Wear

Let out your inner cowgirl with swimwear that is inspired by the west. Pick a suit that makes use of denim or wear a cool cow print. Handkerchief patterns are also popular. Top off the look with a cowboy hat when you’re out of the water.


Take a hint from the sun itself by choosing a swimsuit in yellow. This fun and vibrant color will brighten your days throughout the season, and you’ll be happy just wearing it.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are everywhere. You will find swimwear in a standard leopard print, but you’ll see many other more unique options as well. Tiger, zebra, and giraffe are quickly becoming popular inspirations for swimsuit fabric.


The sporty suit is still extremely trendy and shows no sign of slowing. Swimsuits with shorts and a zippered neck are perfect for playing on the beach while looking your best.

Swimwear follows many of the same trends as traditional fashion, but it usually has its own spin. These 16 trends in swimwear will have you in the current fashion as you soak up some sun.