8 Uses for Old Pantyhose


8 ways to recycle Pantyhose and Stockings

So you finally got a run in your favorite pair of stockings, and they are headed for the trash bin. Wait! Don’t toss them yet – there are some great ways to recycle stockings and pantyhose that have a run.

1. Re-purpose old stockings and pantyhose into cleaning scrubbers.

The next time you set out to tackle a dingy sink, or soap scum in the tub, reach for an old pair of pantyhose. You can either use it like a cleaning mitten or cut out large squares to use like rags. To use them, simply put some cleaner (vinegar, commercial cleaner, soap, etc.) on the item to be cleaned, wet the pantyhose, and start scrubbing.

2. Use them as a laundry bag for delicate items.

Trim clean pantyhose, place the delicate washables in the stocking, tie off the top, and toss it into the washing machine.This will help protect your delicate washables the next time you do laundry.

3. Use your old stockings in the kitchen.

Clean, but worn out, pantyhose make great storage units for onions and garlic. The air circulation is perfect for keeping onions and garlic fresh, and the filled stockings are easy to hang and store in your pantry.

4. Dry your laundry.

Another great use for old pantyhose is to use them to dry clothes. This works wonders for sweaters and shirts, as it helps you avoid those annoying hanger bumps. To do this, take an old pair of pantyhose, slip them through the sleeves, and tie the two ends of the stocking to your clothesline.

5. Take your stockings out in the garden.

Small strips of old pantyhose make fantastic garden ties. Use them to secure vines and lend support to leaning plants.

6. Use some pantyhose ties indoors, too!

Loose cables, jumbles of wires, and rat’s nests of cords can all be a thing of the past with just a few recycled stockings ties. Looking for a quirky alternative to gift ribbon? Look no further than some dyed pantyhose strips!

7. Get crafty.

Strain paints and glues the easy (and cheap) way. Cut up a pair of pantyhose, stretch a piece over a container (secure with a rubber band if needed), and pour your lumpy paint or glue slowly over the mesh surface.

8. Give your old stockings a bath.

Stockings and cut off pantyhose make the perfect bath accessories. Take a handful of aromatic herbs (flowers and leaves work best), drop them into a cut off stocking, and tie off the top. Then, leave the bath sachet in the warm water like a tea bag as the tub fills. By the time your bath is ready, you will be in aromatherapy paradise. Looking for a soapier bath? Put some soap shavings or slivers into a clean pair of old stockings, tie off at the top, and swirl it around in the bathwater until your tub is sudsy. You can also use the soap filled stocking as an exfoliating scrubber for your skin.

Well, there you have it! A multitude of ways for you to reuse old stockings, both inside and outside the home. The next time you have pantyhose with a run, don’t throw them out -think of it as an opportunity to get creative!o

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