A Woman’s Guide to Panties- Lingerie By Jean Lesley

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A Woman’s Guide to Panties

Sold in a gorgeous medley of fashionable colors, appealing styles, sexy patterns, soft fabrics, and erotic designs, women’s panties are intended to cover a female’s private parts for every imaginable occasion. Women’s lingerie is a world in which less is often more, creating an exciting selection of panties ranging from the traditional granny panty to styles that barely cover, if at all, a woman’s derrière.

From full coverage briefs to feminine underwear that barely conceals anything, women’s selection of panties is designed to provide functionality along with a tantalizing dose of sensual pleasure. Whether you are looking for hi-rise briefs, low-cut bikini panties, cotton grannies, or stretchy boy shorts, you are sure to find a pair that meets your lingerie needs and expectations. Check out our Sexy Panties

Women’s Briefs

The basic pair of women’s briefs offers full coverage that hides more than just a woman’s private parts. It is typically available in hi-cut sides, offering freedom of movement. The top of the panty or its waistband comes to the woman’s waist. It is one of the most popular styles of women’s panties today.

Bikini Underwear

With a bikini panty, the waistband is considerably lower than a woman’s waist. Bikini underwear covers a great deal more than a thong, especially in the back, but they are skimpier than women’s briefs.

French-cut Panties

Offering a leg opening that rises high on the sides of the panty, French-cut styles offer comfort and flexibility.


Combining the benefits of the bikini style with the boy short, hipsters are growing in popularity. Hipsters offer a boy-short cut that rises lower than the waist and features the slinkiness of the bikini style.

Tap Pants

Styled with loosely fitting legs, tap pants do not constrict the legs. With some styles, a woman’s pair of tap pants also features sides that are higher than the front or back of the panty.

Boy Shorts

Similar to the shape and style of boy’s underwear, women’s boy shorts are comfortable and practical to wear. Arriving in the world of feminine lingerie at the beginning of the 21 st century, this style of women’s panties provides full coverage that offers the flexibility required for active lifestyles. Offering a sporty look, women’s boy shorts deliver complete coverage that tucks nicely beneath a woman’s buttocks, sits flat, and reduces the likelihood of panty lines.

Padded Panties and Boy Shorts

For women who want the extra sense of confidence that comes with a rounded bottom, padded panties and boy shorts are the perfect option. This style of lingerie delivers an added boost to a woman’s booty in exactly the right place.

Flatter your figure with a selection of intimate apparel that fits your body and suits your fancy. Most styles of women’s panties are sold in a gorgeous array of fabrics, ranging from cotton to mesh to lace to jersey to silk to Lycra to sheer to fishnet to even more. Sexy panties are available with an exciting array of features including hi-rise, low cut, string sides, ruffle, and crotchless. From solid colors to printed patterns, women’s panties feature every color of the rainbow and offer designs to fit every mood.


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