Choosing The Right Bathing Suit For You

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Choosing The Right Bathing Suit For You

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Choosing the right bathing suit for your shape can be a tricky business. While it’s always advisable to choose outfits that flatter your shape, it’s never more crucial to get this right than when choosing swimwear.It’s the one outfit you will wear outdoors that shows your body, and it’s important to feel comfortable.

Consider your body shape and be honest with yourself about the type of bathing suit you feel most comfortable with.

Bikinis can look great, and if you’re young and confident you probably wouldn’t think twice about wearing one. But bikinis aren’t only for the young. If you are confident in your body and still love wearing them, there’s no reason to give up the bikini just because you’re over forty.

However, whatever age you are, there are some important points to remember when choosing a bikini. Think about the areas of your body you feel most confident with and choose a bikini accordingly. If you know you have a great bottom, bikini briefs will help you show it off. If you aren’t that comfortable showing your behind, bikinis with shorts are perfect for covering up those areas you aren’t so happy about. If you are curvy but don’t like showing your stomach, bikini shorts are also good for covering your stomach while still allowing you to make the most of your breasts with a bikini top. For a fuller-busted lady, a more structured bikini top is a good idea. Bikini tops are available with wires, padding and even gel-filled, for the maximum in support.

Unless you are a size small all over, go for separates when buying bikinis. Few women are the same dress size on their top half as they are on their bottom, so buying a bikini off the peg as a set rarely gives a good fit. Always try swimwear on before you buy. A good fitting bikini, especially the bra half, will exude confidence.

Tankinis can be a good option for those women who don’t want to bare all. Tankinis come in a range of styles and designs. They are available with bikini briefs or shorts, and with a choice of tops. Tankini tops vary and your choice depends on how much of your midriff you want to show. Some tankini tops fit all the way down to the briefs, covering the majority of your middle, while others only cover the area below your breasts and leave a gap between the tankini top and bottom. But most tankinis are designed to cover more flesh than bikinis and are a good choice if you still want to wear separates, but aren’t happy about wearing bikinis.

Lastly, one-piece bathing suits are a versatile and practical option. The one-piece has been in and out of fashion depending on the times and is very much in fashion again now. One thing is for sure: if you want to swim as well as sunbathing, the one-piece bathing suit is an indispensable part of your wardrobe. Unlike bikinis or tankinis, you don’t have to worry about losing part of the costume while swimming, and it won’t ride up or down while you’re in the water. But the great thing about the one-piece is the huge choice in styles. This bathing suit really does allow you to make a statement and show your personality. One-piece swimsuits come with halter-necks, paneling and plunge necklines. They can be strapless, backless, peep-holed and high-legged. Or, for practicality, there’s the standard swimsuit style. There are so many variations of the one-piece. It truly is a fashion item. But the really great thing about a one-piece is it covers most areas you might not want to have on show. Whatever your size or shape, there’s a one-piece swimsuit you’ll feel confident wearing and look great in. Check out our collection Swimwear

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