How To Buy Lingerie For Your Girlfriend

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Should men buy lingerie?

How To Buy Lingerie For Your Girlfriend

Lingerie a risqué business or a risky business? Actually, it’s both, but men do love to buy lingerie for their sweethearts and wives. Women are mostly flattered by the attention, even though it can be seen as pushy or inappropriate in certain circumstances.

Should men purchase lingerie for women?

Of course. If she loves beautiful clothes, she also loves lingerie. And if you’re in a romantic relationship, lingerie is one of the most treasured gifts. A woman will often see something in a boutique that she really likes but wait for the man in her life to purchase it as a gift, rather than buying it for herself. There’s just something very special about receiving lingerie in a beautifully wrapped box from a boyfriend or husband.

A man takes a risk in purchasing a gift he hopes will be received well, but there are seven things to consider before making the purchase.

1. For any gift I would recommend a man ask himself the following questions:

How long have I known the person I am buying for? Is this gift appropriate for how well I know this person? What are my expectations in giving this gift? Is this gift offend her? Will this gift send the message I want it to send?

2. Find out her size

Instead of asking her, sneak into her lingerie drawer and look on the tags of her bras and panties to see what size she wears. This will be tremendously helpful, as you won’t have to do any guessing. Also, look to see what size her dresses are if you’re shopping for lingerie-inspired outfits that she can wear out to dinner.

3. When in doubt, choose something with a flexible fit

Consider a gorgeous robe. Sized as small, medium, and large without much of a restriction on fit, there’s no doubt that she’ll love anything that you select. The sash wraps around her body and can be adjusted to fit however she’d like. A slip or bodysuit is also pretty safe if you don’t know her size. There is a large range of these items and a lot of them are stretchable.

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4. Identify her style

Her clothing will help you determine her lingerie style. Does she like to wear feminine outfits with pink and floral patterns? She might like romantic lingerie with floral lace. Perhaps she has a sexy style with form-fitting dresses? She might like lingerie that is strappy, sheer, and more seductive. Is her style more casual?

5. Consider the occasion

Are you shopping for a pleasant surprise or a special day like an anniversary? If it’s for a special occasion, it will mean even more to her if the lingerie is tied to a memory. If you’re shopping for a gift, then anything that suits her style is perfect.

6. Shop her wishlist

If you need more guidance, ask her to register for an account and create a wishlist. She’ll be able to select her favorites and share a link with you so you can pick out her gift. A bonus: You can always refer to her wishlist throughout the year when buying for her birthday, Valentine’s Day and the holidays.

7. Embarrassed? Take it online.

Both men and women can feel embarrassed walking into a lingerie shop, and it ends up being a rushed job. However, men can take their time browsing online and not feel judged about what you’re looking at or buying. They can also see what it looks like up close and on a model, without having to guess or figure out how it works.

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