How to Find Lingerie Online as a Plus Size Woman

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How to Find Lingerie Online as a Plus Size Woman

Finding lingerie online is already different for a woman due to arbitrary sizing and inaccurate store photographs. As a plus-size woman, searching online is maddening. Finding even a t-shirt accurate to its written size is almost impossible, so how could someone possibly trust a dress or a nice pair of jeans? It’s gotten to the point where it’s almost worth the money to go to overpriced “plus size” branded stores in person just for the guarantee of a good fit.

It doesn’t have to be like that. There are tools all over the internet at your disposal to find a good fitting sundress, pair of jeans, or even a well-fitted bra online.

Don’t Search for Plus Size

Search for the specific size or sizes you’re looking for instead of using the words “plus size”. These words remove a lot of options because a lot of online retailers do not include these words in their search engine optimization plans. Also, being branded as plus size naturally drives the price up.

Instead, check out different popular clothing companies and check miscellaneous “normal size” articles of Lingerie to see if your size is offered in the regular section. If so, this drives the price down of the item and ensures you have access to many more styles than just those available in the plus-size section.

Don’t Trust the Pictures

Many pictures of plus-size models are simply the XL version of the item since the photographer wants to use a model that is most attractive in society’s standards for the photo. They just want sales, so a larger woman will likely not find an accurate representation of the fit of the clothing from a picture on a company website.

Instead, search for tips and pictures of the fit of specific lingerie types (panty & bra, babydoll dresses) for your size and body type to determine if the article of lingerie is something you’ll be interested in. The internet is your best friend. If the company supports photo reviews, you can also check those to see if you can find an accurate representation of the article of lingerie.

Measure Yourself

Getting up-to-date, accurate measurements of your body is possibly the best way to determine whether or not a piece of lingerie will fit. With a flexible measuring tape, measure the bust, just under the bust (for a bra measurement), around the waist, and around the hips. These few measurements will be the key to using any website’s measurement table. The measurement table can sometimes be hard to find, but it can often be found in the description of specific products.

Another concerning measurement is the length of clothing. As a general guide, petite clothing is made for women around 5’3″ (160 cm) and under, average clothing is made for women 5’3″ (160 cm) to 5’6″ (167.5 cm), and long clothing is made for women 5’6″ (167.5 cm) and up.

Finding lingerie as a plus-size woman can be difficult and demotivating, but using these tips can provide a sense of security when it comes to purchasing lingerie online. While there are full stores built solely for lingerie plus-size women, a lot of these stores are overpriced due to an artificial scarcity and are not actually worth the money. Taking the time to research different online companies such as Plus Size Lingerie By Jean Lesley and types of lingerie for your body type is the key to saving money and finding styles that make you feel comfortable and happy.