How to Shop Online for Lingerie That Fits

lady choosing bras to wear

How to Shop Online for Lingerie That Fits

Most people know that clothing is cheaper to purchase online, but the one thing that stops many from taking this route is the inability to try on the garment. Buying lingerie that doesn’t fit right is discouraging, a waste of time, and a waste of money. There are a few lesser-known precautions that the consumer can take to (almost) ensure proper fit and comfort.

Ignore the Photos

Professional photographers take pictures for lingerie, and they do so in perfect conditions with a model wearing the clothes. Afterward, the photo editor removes any traces of poor design and covers up essential details about the style and materials. For an accurate understanding of the fabric and style, read the description as well as buyer reviews. The photographs are likely the first thing the consumer sees, and businesses use that fact to manipulate buyers. Instead of relying on the image, trust the written details, especially when provided by those who have purchased the product.

Find the Company’s Sizing Guide

Consumers most frequently complain about sizing issues. There is no standardized system of sizing, especially online with different lingerie items coming from around the world as you can see from Lingerie By Jean Lesley Size Charts. A guide with precise measurements for inches or centimeters for each size will create a standard for the brand, against which everyone can measure themselves. This chart, when compared to the clothing, usually represents the size of the shirt itself, not the size of the person wearing it. When choosing an appropriate size, consider room for any movement or desired looseness.

Pay Attention to Detail

Even without a sizing guide, there’s still a chance of getting well-fitted lingerie. Investigate the listing for details, not only about the size and fit, but also the location of the company. For example, if the garment is from an Asian company, it will likely run smaller than American and UK sizes since Asian people are typically smaller. Another detail to check is the fabric type. Determining whether the item is a cotton blend or polyester makes an enormous difference in fit and feel.

Buyer and Company Reviews

If you still have doubts even after doing your research, that could be a sign that something is not right about the company. Read consumer reviews about the company as well as the products for a snapshot of what the public thinks of it. Adverse reports may suggest that not much effort goes into design and manufacturing. The price tag can give some indication of the quality, but investigating the product and reactions to the company is the best way to ensure a nice, comfortable fit that will last a long time.