Lace Camisoles

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A Little Known Fact That Has Passed Unnoticed Through Years Of Underwear Marketing Will Follow This Sentence.

The Word “Camisole” Is Occasionally Used In Psychiatric Circles To Refer To A Strait-Jacket. Yes, That’s Right – One Of Those Things With The Sleeves Tied Together That They Use To Restrain Patients Who May Be A Danger To Themselves Or To The Public, Just Before They Are Locked In A Cell With Padded Walls. Did You Know That? I’d Guess That Not Many People Did. Really Puts A New Spin On Things, Doesn’t It?

Lace Camisolethe Lace Camisole Is Most Assuredly Not A Means Of Restraining Mental Patients. An Item Of Clothing That Will Display The Best Assets Of Any Woman To A “T”, It Might Be Fair To Say That It Could Create An Imbalance In The Minds Of Men, But A Well-Made Lace Camisole Might Just Be The Sanest Decision That You Ever Make, Sartorially Speaking. Quality, Style And Dignity Are Inbuilt Into Just About Any Garment Ever To Be Made From Lace. The Contrast With An Often Titillating Garment Like A Camisole Is Not A Contradiction But A Collaboration.

Lace Lingerie Is The Ultimate In Decadent Opulence. At Times, Only You Will Know You’re Wearing It, But You’ll Have A Job To Keep It Quiet. The Luxury Of Having Something So Delicate, Intricate And Well-Made Underneath Your Clothes Is A Joy That Will Keep A Smile Fixed To Your Face All Day Long And Can Certainly Brighten Up An Otherwise Dull Day At The Office. The Fact That People Don’t Have A Clue Why You’re Smiling Will Only Increase The Cheer That You Feel. Just Keep In Mind That It’s Possibly A Sacking Offense To Let Them In On The Secret, And Any Man Nearby Will Probably Experience Decreased Productivity For The Rest Of The Day (At Least!)

Yes, The Meeting Of Camisole And Lace Is One With The Power To Make Any Man Lose His Dignity. If You Buy A Lace Cami To Be Worn As Outerwear, Please Do Remember That The Fabric Is Always A Little Bit See Through, And For The Good Of Decency It Should Be Worn With A Bra Underneath. You’ll Be Glad Of The Support, And The Traffic Police Will Be Grateful For The Attendant Lack Of Car Accidents. And It Won’t Lessen The Sheer Glory Of Your Look Either, Bringing An Element Of Refinement To The Outfit, Defining The Lines More Strictly And Making Everything A Little More Classy.

It May Not Be Exactly What The First Lace Makers (And They Existed In Biblical Times) Had In Mind, But The Lace Camisole Is Perhaps The Ultimate Luxury Garment. Outerwear Or Underwear, It Looks Great, Feels Great And Provides A Real Boost To Your Day. And Just One Thing To Remember – Though Some Camisoles May Have Been Made With The Purpose Of Restraining Patients In A Bedlam, These Camisoles Will Not Provide Anything Like That Level Of Restraint, And May Even Lead To Excessive Silliness. It’s A Fine Line To Walk, So Walk It Responsibly.

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