Silk Camisole

Pure Silk Camisoles 100% Mulberry

Silk Is More Than Just A Fabric, Far More Than Just Something That Designers Make Clothes Out Of. Silk Is A Law Unto Itself, With A Page Of Its Own In The Book Of Style, Fashion And Class. The Feel And Look That It Gives Are Unmatched By Any Other Fabric, And The Word “silk” Is A Byword For So Much More Than Just Functional Things Such As Clothing. Who Hasn’t Heard Silk Being Referenced For Something Else Entirely, Something Outside The Parameters Of What You Wear? Dance Steps Can Be Silky. A Wonderful Singing Voice Can Be “hewn From Pure Silk”. More Than One Popular Chocolate Bar Has Been Advertised With A Tag Line Evoking Its Texture As Being Similar To Silk.

When Used In Clothing, Silk Is A Luxury Fabric – Possibly The Luxury Fabric Of Choice For Anyone Who Loves The Opulence Of Feeling A Soft, Shimmering Material Close To Their Skin. There Are Those Who See It As Even Being A Little Bit Too Much – It’s Certainly Not Something You Can Wear Every Day. However, The Best Garments Shouldn’t Ever Be Worn Every Day. Who Wears Their Best Outfit To Do The Chores, After All? It Would Take Away What Makes Them Special, Associate Them With Something Less Than Magical. And Silk Is Magical, With An Aura Like No Other.

Camisoles Were, For A Long Old While, An Item Of Underwear, Something That Covered Up And Was Covered Up, But As Time Has Passed The Neat Lines And Shaping Provided By A Camisole Have Come To Pass As Something Not To Be Hidden. The Camisole Has Moved Out Of The Underwear Drawer And Into The Wardrobe For Many Style-conscious Women. Worn As A Top, The Camisole Shows Off Your Arms To Stunning Effect, So If You’re Proud Of Your Arms There Is An Excellent Way To Display Them To The World.

The Cropped Camisole Is A Variation On The Theme – Stopping Short Of The Waist By A Few Centimeters (or Inches If You’re Feeling Brave), It Will Display Your Midriff Above The Waistband Of Whatever You’re Wearing On Your Bottom Half. Worn With Jeans, A Cropped Camisole Makes For An Excellent Casual Outfit – Unfussy, Stylish And Not A Little Sexy. With A Pair Of Shorts, The Camisole Changes Again Into Something Different – Nightwear To Make A Real Minx Of Even The Most Straight Laced Girl. It’s A Classic Look, And Makes The Point That You Don’t Have To Expose Acres Of Flesh To Look Sexy.

When Silk Is Brought Into This Equation It Adds Another Layer To The Beauty Of The Camisole. Whether It Be As Underwear Or Outerwear, Silk Is Made To Be Enjoyed. If You’re Going For A Night Out And Want To Be The Center Of Attention, Try A Silk Camisole. The Wonderful Lines Will Show Off Your Best Aspects, And The Material Itself Will Make You Feel Like A Million Dollars – While Drawing Envious Glances From The Girls And Admiring Ones From The Guys.