Types of Sexy Swimwear and Beach Cover-ups & Wraps with a Tropical Appeal

Backless Bikini Cover Up Swimwear Dress

Sexy Swimwear and Beach Cover-Ups

Ready to become a beach goddess? Well, then it’s time to leave behind those outdated ‘perfect swimwear for your body type’ notions that restrict women to wear the type of swimsuit they really wish to wear. You will always look stunning if you’re happy wearing something you like. Here are some of the sexiest options in swimwear to give you that perfect tropical appeal on the beach!

Bikinis: A bikini is perhaps the most favorite beach outfit for women. This sexy two-piece swimwear can be found in a variety of different styles and suits nearly all kinds of body shapes. Some popular bikini styles include the monokini.

One-Piece Swimsuits: The original one-piece swimsuit has been constantly evolving through the decades and is ideal for women who aren’t very comfortable with the two-piece bikini and yet want to look sexy on the beach. This swimwear is more supportive and slightly less revealing. You can find a variety of different coverage and styles, including cut-outs, fringed hemlines, skirt-style suits, plunging necklines and many more. Take your pick! And browse our Swimwear collection.

Brazilian Thongs: Many women love Brazilian thongs since they look super sexy even with a wider back. The cut of the panty is such that it reveals only a part of your buttocks and is usually more comfortable than a traditional thong. You can pair your Brazilian thong with a bikini top to create a scintillating beach outfit.

Sarongs: If you’re looking for a sexy beach cover-up, then a sarong is definitely one of the best options to consider. Sarongs are extremely popular among women and are often worn over swimsuits when relaxing at the beachside or even for attending fun beach parties. You can find beautiful tropical-style sarongs in a variety of different, sizes, colors and prints. Some of the sexiest prints in beach sarongs are floral prints, animals prints, and batik prints.

Maxi Dresses: Inspired by the boho chic trend? Well, then a maxi dress can be your choice of beach wrap. This ankle-length flowy dress has the perfect tropical appeal and is the perfect combination of sexy and comfortable. You can choose from a range of different prints or solid colors in maxi dresses.

Caftans: Caftans are one of the most elegant beach cover-ups that you can get your hands on. Originating from Mesopotamia, they are usually made of silk or cotton fabric. This beachwear looks like a robe; it reaches the ankles and has long flowy sleeves.