If Thigh Chafing is the Problem You Face, There are Answers

Sexy woman pulling up her stockings

You can’t wait for when the weather is warmer when you can finally change out of your heavy, insulating pants, and pick skirts and sundresses to wear again. There’s just one problem — without the protection to your thighs that pants and jeans offer, there is nothing to keep the skin there from chafing. It isn’t a challenge that you deal with only when you have a few extra pounds on your body. Thigh gaps simply aren’t possible with many completely healthy body shapes.

How do you wear a dress that shows off your thighs and legs to great effect and not get painful skin burns and blisters? You certainly can’t turn to a wardrobe entirely composed of those cute short skirts; you need variety. Luckily, thigh chafing is a problem that affects so many people, there are ready solutions available. If you want to give your legs the sun and the attention that they deserve, here are ideas.

anti chafing

Anti-chafing thigh bands. Brands such as Bandelettes make cool, lacy garter-like bands that you wear on the parts of your thighs that chafe. These bands have elastic woven in, and hold up well, no matter how much activity you get. They are effective at protecting the inner thighs, and at under $25 a pair, multiple sets are easy to get. Check out our Thigh Anti Chafing Bands.

Fashionable undergarment shorts. A pair of women’s boxer briefs can certainly keep the thighs from rubbing. They aren’t a good idea, however, if you wear short skirts. Undergarment shorts such as Under Summers and Jockey Skimmies Slipshort are a popular shapewear alternative. Not only do you get to protect your thighs, you sidestep the problems that Marilyn Monroe had on the subway grate in The Seven Year Itch, as well. You also get to be as fashionable inside as you are on the outside.

Gels and powders. Bands and undergarments can work very well, but they don’t always feel comfortable. This is where anti-chafing products come in. Different product categories exist, each type offering a different feel and level of effectiveness.

Anti-chafe balms such as BodyGlide and Secret Shield are gel products that sell for as little as $5. They are favored by athletes who need heavy-duty protection. Powders such as Monistat Chafing Relief and Silky Underwear can be a little more expensive but can be more comfortable for those who dislike the slippery feel that gels come with.

Simpler products can help, too — coconut oil, cooking spray, stick deodorant and even intimate lube.

It can be fun to experiment as you seek out the product that works best for you. There’s never a need to let a little friction force you to switch to jeans.