Types of Stockings and Pantyhose

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Adrian Patterned Tights with Stones

Prior to the 1920s, stockings were primarily worn for a functional purpose- warmth. In the following years, a rise in hemlines made stockings a fashionable accessory to cover exposed legs. The allure of stockings has endured into the millennium, and choices in style and fabric are greater than ever before.

If this is your first time shopping for stockings, these are some popular styles you can choose from:

Fishnet: Fishnets have a small or sometimes big diamond shaped knit that shows off skin without revealing too much of it. There is a multitude of styles and colors, includes Afril Socks with fishnet and Afro knee high fishnet designs.

Thigh-high: As their name implies, thigh-high stockings curl up above the knees at the thigh, and are commonly paired with short skirts and shorts.

Patterned: You are spoilt for choice when it comes to prints and designs on stockings. If you’re feeling adventurous, how about Ange Stones patterned stockings with Swarovski stones?

Hold up: A thigh-high stocking designed to stay up without the need for a garter belt belongs to the hold-up category. Your next pair of hold up stockings can be fishnets or patterned.

Sheer: Sheer stockings are transparent and usually crafted from nylon. They show-off your legs but don’t make you feel bare. Best paired with dresses for a sensuous appeal!

Pantyhose is sheer legwear that covers you from the waist down to your feet. There are numerous styles in pantyhose, from sheer and nude to opaque and open crotch.

When choosing pantyhose to pair with your skirt, consider length to determine how sheer or heavy your hose must be. Darker and matte pantyhose pairs more aesthetically with shorter skirts while opaque pantyhose looks better with long dresses and skirts that flirt close to your knee or fall just below it.

If you’re looking for pantyhose to go with your LBD on a night out, a light textured or extremely sheer hose can up the sexy quotient. Glossy hosiery is recommended if you want to make an eye-catching statement.

At the time of purchasing hosiery, you may come across the term ‘denier’ quite a bit. Denier refers to the fabric’s weight; thicker and heavier material translate into higher denier and vice-versa. As you may imagine, high deniers are warm and snug, making them perfect for the cold season. Low denier, see-through hosiery is a common sight during the summers, while semi-sheer/semi-opaque styles that are thicker than low but thinner than high denier, are autumn and spring choices.

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