Finding the Right Size Bra in Three Easy Steps

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Finding the Right Size Bra in Three Easy Steps

If you want to look good in absolutely anything you’re wearing, then one thing is essential: the right sized bra. About 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size, often with a cup that’s too small and a back size that’s too big. This can lead to a sore back and shoulders, headaches from the tension, and even breathing problems – and of course, you might be experiencing the dreaded ‘four boob’, which is when your breast overspills your bra cup, meaning that your breasts are each divided in two (which isn’t a good look if you’re wearing a tight top). Here are a few tips you might need to bear in mind if you’re wondering whether you should start looking for some new bras.

Is Your Bra The Wrong Size?

If you’ve been experiencing the aforementioned physical pains or any overspill at the top or the sides of your bra cup, chances are your bra is the wrong size. You can also look at the middle of the bra between the cups – this part should be lying flat on your chest. Likewise, the underwire should lay flat on your body. If it’s riding up then the cups are too small. If you’re wondering whether the band is too big, see if you can stretch it out away from your body. If the gap is more than two inches, it’s too big. If it digs into your torso and makes you sore, it’s probably too small. If you have to keep your bra straps super tight to lift up your breasts or if they fall down a lot, then again, the band size is too large.

It’s important to remember that cup size is relative to the band size. When you go down a band size, you should go up a cup size.

How Do You Measure Your Bra Size At Home?

If possible, you should make a trip to a lingerie store to be measured by professionals and try on as wide a variety of bras as possible before picking out the ones that suit you. But for people who live in more rural locations, this might not always be possible, which may mean that you have to measure yourself at home. This is a good idea if you’ve lost or gained weight, for instance, because of pregnancy or a new diet. First of all, remember that you have to measure the band size – which is the number, and measures the part of the bra that stretches all the way around your rib cage – and the cup size, which is the letter and measures the actual bra cup.

First of all, put on your most well-fitting bra, breathe out, and measure your rib cage by putting a tape measure around it directly below your breasts. Write down the number of inches that you come up with. If it’s an odd number, try out band sizes either side of it – for instance, if it measured 31 inches then you can try out a 30 or a 32. If it was an even number, that’s your band size.

To measure your cup size, bend over and measure your breasts around the fullest part. Then subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement. The difference between the sizes determines your cup measurement. If it’s less than one inch, you’re an AA. If it’s one inch, you’re an A. If it’s two inches you’re a B, and so on until you reach ten inches, which is a J.

Make sure that the online store you’re ordering from has a good return policy and a wide range of styles and shapes. If you’re still not 100 percent sure of your size, try ordering them in multiple sizes and styles so you can try them out in the comfort of your own home to make sure they fit. When you try them on, remember to put them on at the loosest setting – the elastic will wear down after time and you can clasp them more tightly then.

What Happens At A Bra Fitting?

If you’re planning to go to a lingerie or department store to get measured, you may be feeling a little nervous. It can feel like an intimate process, but remember that the fittings assistants really have seen it all before and you won’t be out of the ordinary in the slightest. You may have to stand there topless or in your bra but try not to feel too self-conscious – everyone’s body is built in a different way and every woman has different lumps and bumps and parts of their body that they’re more shy about. The assistant will measure you with a tape measure – it can feel strange to be touched so intimately by someone you don’t know, but it really is just a job for them.

You may need to try on different bras and styles to find one that you feel comfortable with. Remember to put your top back on over your chosen style to make sure that it looks good and that it fits correctly – it’s sometimes harder to tell when you aren’t wearing anything over the top of it. If you find a bra that you love, get it in multiple colors – you won’t regret it.

Finally, happy bra shopping! When you’ve found your new bra, you’ll be sure to find that your clothes fit and look a whole lot better. Check out our collection Bras

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