How to Shop for Plus-Size Lingerie You Will Feel Sexy In

Portrait of a charming sexy woman in lingerie lying on the bed and looking at camera

It’s no secret that the fashion industry caters to skinny women with minimal curves and no extra meat on their bones!

It’s no secret that the fashion industry caters to skinny women with minimal curves and no extra meat on their bones! Shopping for lingerie that will comfortably hug your curves, draw attention away from cellulite, and still look sexy is a daunting task. Fortunately, finding plus-size lingerie that you will feel good about wearing is not impossible. When you are a full-figured woman purchasing lingerie, there are a few things to take into consideration that will make your shopping much easier.

1.Get properly fitted for lingerie.
Many women have never been shown or told how to properly select a bra or underwear that fits. Because of this, some women just avoid shopping for sexy intimates because they do not believe lingerie will ever be flattering or beautiful on them. Bras should be easy to open and close without having to stretch too much, the straps should never cut into your shoulders and once the clasp is shut, you should never feel it digging into your skin. The same goes for panties, they should not cut into your hips and thighs at all. Most lingerie stores offer free bra fittings to customers. As uncomfortable as it may seem, it is a necessary step for any woman that is ready to shop for plus-size lingerie that will make her feel and look sexy.
2.Try different styles.
Not all nighties are created equally. Every woman (no matter what size she wears) will encounter many plus-size lingerie styles that they dislike and only a handful of styles that they love. If you are struggling to find styles that look sexy on you, try something different. Some plus-size women swear by wearing panties that offer a lot of coverage, and others will tell you that thongs are the only way to go. What looks good on you depends on more than your size and weight, it also depends on your overall body shape. Don’t be afraid to try something completely different for a change.
3.Choose comfortable materials.
If you are new to wearing sexy lingerie, you may think that a skimpy lace teddy is the only way to go, but for most plus-sized women, tightly fitting lace can be uncomfortable, try different fabrics in different styles. When you feel comfortable in your plus-size lingerie it will show and your partner will definitely appreciate the boost of confidence you experience when you feel good about what you have on.
4.Choose colors carefully.
Depending on your shape, there may be certain features you want to specifically draw attention away from and other features you would like to draw attention to. Bright colors are always going to garner more attention and darker colors work well for concealing certain problem areas. You may absolutely love the leopard print baby doll that you see on a poster, but it is possible your feelings may change when it is on you. Try different colors until you find what you like.
Lingerie is about more than seducing your partner and having a fun time. It is an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe! You deserve to feel sexy in and out of your clothes. With a little effort and practice, finding beautiful plus-size lingerie for your curvy figure will become a cinch!

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