Women’s Camisole

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Lingerie Designers Must Have A Rather Unique Sense Of Humour. After All, How Else Would One Explain The Fact That, Upon Designing A New Type Of Top For Women, They Named It A ‘Camisole’ – A Word Formally Associated As A Term For A Straight-Jacket. Hey, You’d Be Crazy To Own One!

Except, You Wouldn’t Need To Be Crazy To Own A Camisole. The Women’s Camisole Is Just One Of Those Garments That Everyone Has, Even If They Don’t Know The Specific Name For It. The Basis For The Idea Was The Chemise; A Loose-Fitting Garment Worn As Nightwear Or Underwear By Women For Many Decades. The Camisole Was Created As A Kind Of Anti-Chemise, As Though It Shared The Same Function Of Wear It Is Designed To Be Extremely Tight-Fitting. Where The Chemise Is Loose The Camisole Is Tight, And There The Difference Ends.

But It Is A Big Difference. The Chemise Is A Somewhat Romanticized Lingerie, Whereas The Camisole Has It’s Roots In Pure Practicality. The Most Standard Form Of A Women’s Camisole Is Also Sometimes Referred To As A Vest Top – Basically, A Tight-Fitting Garment, Usually Made From A Single Piece Of Material, Which Is Held On By Straps. Though The Straps Vary In Width, To Be Called A True Camisole The Garment Must Be Sleeveless.

Women’s Camisolethe Camisole, Therefore, Became A Popular Choice Of Wear For Sleep During The Summer Months. Usually Made From Thin, Pliable Material Which Moves With The Body, It Replaced Conventional Blouse-Type Tops As The Accompanying Garment For Pyjama Bottoms. Although Cotton Is The Most Commonly Used Material In Camisole Design, Other Types Used Include Spandex (Primarily Used For Gymwear), Nylon, Silk And Satin. Over The Years, The Camisole Has Also Become A Popular Choice As An Extra Layer Under Clothes Or, In Summer, The Very Top Garment Itself.

One Thing That Sets The Camisole Aside From The Other Hundreds Of Options For Upper-Body Women’s Clothing Is That Most Designs Come With Some Sort Of Breast Support. Although A Women’s Camisole Is Never Going To Be As Good As A Well-Fitting Bra When It Comes To Supporting The Breasts, It Is A Neat Link For Those Who Prefer To Be Supported At Night Or Even While Relaxing But Want Freedom From A Full Bra. This Support Is Usually Built In To The Upper Section Of The Camisole And, Depending On The Design Choice, Can Be Made From Standard Bra Underwire Or Even Just Elastic.

This Unique Element Of Allowing Breast Support And Optimal Comfort Is What Has Made The Camisole So Enduringly Popular. Even A Perfectly Fitting Bra Can Be Uncomfortable And Restrictive After Awhile, But Many Women Dislike The Feeling Of Being Completed Unsupported. In This Place, The Camisole Steps In And Offers A Middle Ground And A Light Support Ideal For Relaxing Or Sleeping. And The Best Thing Is, Even A Camisole With Built In Support Can Still Be Worn With A Bra, Thanks To The Thin And Simple Material And Construction Processes Used. For These Reasons Exactly, The Camisole Is Here To Stay, Providing Relief And Support In One Simple Garment.